Bulgarian Beat Wave Vol .3


Double 12″ blue transparent vinyl. Learn more about the initiative here.

** if you’re in Bulgaria and want to get the vinyl, consider combining it with our promo event on 26th of April (as tickets will be cheaper**)

Official release date of Bulgarian Beat Wave Vol. 3 digitally – Apr 22nd.

Limited availability.


Official release date – Apr 22nd

For the creation of the 3rd Bulgarian Beat Wave, we chose a small village tucked away in the northern part of the country. Dobrevtsi, located in the Lovech Province, has a population of less than 500 and is home to some pretty good rakia (a national drink you must try) based on our short, but sweet interaction with one of the locals.

This time the weather wasn’t on our side (4 days of non-stop rain), but that’s the beauty of those experiences – you go with the flow. The beat heroes you already know were joined by a new name – VLADKO, who added his signature brass/groove energy to the mix. The compilation is a perfect reflection of what we all experienced – a healthy blend of feel-good cozy chill and dark/mellow vibes.

Just like the country’s diverse natural landscape, the idea behind Bulgarian Beat Wave compilation is to offer a non-linear sonic experience and guide listeners through the unique and varied sound of some of the most talented local beatmakers.