Bulgarian Beat Wave Vol. 2


Double 12″ red transparent vinyl. Learn more about the initiative here.

** if you’re in Bulgaria and want to get the vinyl, consider combining it with our promo event on 26th of April (as tickets will be cheaper**)

Available for shipping immediately.


After doing Vol. 1, we decided to expand on the idea and go beyond showcasing the talented and multi-layered local producers. Alongside the creation process, we will change locations with every edition in order to reveal to the world various parts of Bulgaria’s nature. Hopefully, this spills over into telling the story of the country, its people, and customs.

The second compilation was created in October of 2022 near the tranquil, spread-out seaside village of Arapya on the Black Sea coastline. We spent 4 days off-season in a trailer camping park doing what we love – making music, chilling, enjoying the sea, and cooking.

The result was undoubtedly beyond our expectations. A diverse and non-linear sonic experience.