Elijah Nang – Gaijin 3000 Vinyl


We ran the vinyl campaign via bandcamp and met the funding. Got ~50 copies left.
They are being pressed now, but we expect shipping to start in Fall 2022.


Elijah Nang is a London-based experimental electronic artist who also describes himself as an audio novelist. In his music, you will find a frequent homage to East Asian culture and his sound crafts a new niche in the lofi hop-hop genre, a mixture of electronica with Japanese influences, something he often refers to as japtronica.

Gaijin 3000 is a spin-off/light novel to the Gaijin series which Elijah Nang started in 2019. The story takes place 3000 years after the Edo period and follows the quest of A N A N S I – a fictional character hired by the Neo Tokyo police, whose journey’s end goal is the retrieval of an orphan with a white koi tattoo from the Shazuka clan.

The release is a quest to Elijah himself as he ventures into the uncharted territories of break beats, vaporwave and synthwave, tangles with the beat origins of the UK-based producer. Inspired by the work of artists like Flying Lotus, Com Truise, and Vangelis and the aesthetics of movies like Akira, Samurai 8, Blade Runner 2049, Cyberpunk 2077, Gaijin 3000 is Elijah’s mission to look beyond the familiar horizon.

Expect a beautiful double splatter 12″ vinyl and free digital download of the record.