Steel mugs – black and blue


Despite being a great way to stay alive, drinking liquids is the perfect activity whether you’re chilling at home or wandering around nature and listening to Tycho.

Our enameled steel mug is the only logical choice when it comes to choosing a home for your next coffee, or Moscow Mule. Mucho importante – not suitable for direct fire use.

Pair these with our Chill Beats or Essential Electronica playlists.


Fun fact. Despite the name, the enamel mugs aren’t just made of enamel. They are actually stainless steel, coated in a durable layer of enamel. Sounds cool, right?

Knowing all of this, getting your coffee buddy should be an easy decision.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 8,6 × 8 cm

Black, Dark Blue


stainless steel


350 ml